Random Radio Thoughts

I am Samantha Gomez, and I volunteer at K-Beach, the student run radio station at CSULB. I often have trouble coming up with topics to talk about on air, I began as a producer and have now also been placed as a host for the radio stations Good Morning Long Beach State crew. A show in which there are 5 different host for the 5 days of the school week. I now host Wednesdays, and currently I am only giving quizzes to my co-hosts. Most of the quizzes come from Buzzfeed . Anyways on to thoughts, they will either be listed here on this page or I will make them into a separate blog, it will depend.

Current Radio Thoughts:

  1. Does Anybody even listen to me speak? I often times think I am simply speaking to my co-hosts and sometimes forget that there is a microphone and board/ sound system.
  3. Also should I have a host name? Currently I just introduce myself as “SAM”… not very catchy now is it?
  4. Should I create my own show?
  5. How do I contact people to come on my show?
  6. Should i also create a separate website? E-mail