Week 15- Extra Credit-Review on Class

Art110 is amazing! There were so many amazing that we learned over the course of the semester. I learned about plaster casting and I also learned how to write with spray cans. My favorite assignments had to be a  the Landscapes with a Corpse , the Graffiti writing and the art care package. My least favorite however was the Vlogging for week 13. I do not enjoy being on camera nor do I have the skills to create such a video. As for my thoughts about the class, I enjoyed the hybrid format, however I personally think the once a week meetings were too little. Maybe twice a week would have been better.

The visits to the SOA Galleries were very informative. I got exposed to the different art styles my fellow students were majoring in. The artist conversations however, were not really that great. I felt like the artist did not like the horde of students around them asking repetitive questions. I know I spoke to one artist in particular who shared the same views as me.The classmate conversations were interesting, they allowed us to communicate with our fellow peers. The one issue I had with the classmate conversations was that my classmates seemed to stick to a set group of people that they interviewed.

I enjoyed the weekly blog posts that Professor Z posted, and I enjoyed the samples of students work. It allowed me to see the results my classmates came up with. The Art Talk OTW video was okay. I say okay, because they were quite lengthy and honestly I do not think the placement of the Art Talk videos were  not the best. I often forgot that they were at the bottom of the weekly posts. I had read of course at the beginning of the posts that they were at the bottom, but after reading a recap of the previous week and then an overview of the week we were on I was overloaded with information. A more interactive form would have been better, or actually if the class met twice a week we could have watched the video in class and done the classmate conversations. The second day could have been dedicated to the gallery walkthroughs.