Week 8- Classmate Conversation-Gian Vento

This week for art we met at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. As I was doing my class activity I was approached by a fellow classmate named Giancarlo, he kindly asked if I had already interviewed a fellow classmate. He seemed relieved when I answered no. We first decided to read the Questions of the week and choose two, which ended up being the two most recent questions.img_1416

  1. Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?
  2.  Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you apps do you both have? What apps are different? Discuss!

The following are the responses to the questions above in corresponding order.

Giancarlo:  “I would support my child, because I believe in doing exactly what you want to do with your life. I especially would bc I grew up on a household where that career choice wouldn’t have been accepted. I feel that if you are pursuing a career you truly enjoy you are more likely to succeed. ”

The two photos above are screen captures of our 1st page screens on our Iphones.  On the first page, we share the similar apps of Snapchat, also not shown on my first page are the CSULB mobile app, group me, and whats app. We discussed which apps we liked them most and shared the combined social media site of Instagram as a top app. His favorite app however is Groupme, as he has a group conversation with his closest friends on there.

Aside from apps and questions of the week, I asked basic questions, such as who is your favorite artist, major and what city he lives in.

Giancarlo: I live in the city of Downey (Me too!!), I am a junior majoring in Business with a concentration in Finance. I like listening to rap music and a favorite artist is Migos. It’s three individuals who form a group, they created the now known move of “Dabbing”.

To get to know Giancarlo more, checkout his website in the link below:

Giancarlo Vento