Week 14-Classmate Conversations- Linney Sars


My classmate conversation for the 14th week of class is Linney Sars. Linney is a 4th year student who is majoring in Health Science. Her last semester will be completed in the spring. She will be participating in the Spring graduation ceremony of 2018 and will have officially completed all her requirements by the fall semester of 2017. Her hobbies include reading books and trying out new, interesting, different foods.

The Question of the Week is: “Describe what the college experience for a student will be like in the year 2036?”. Linney discussed with me her viewpoint on education in the future. ” I believe that the technology in classrooms would be far more advanced than it is now. However to the society of the future, the technology will be considered normal. The structure will be similar to what it is now, however the learning styles might be accommodated to suit the needs of the students. There will still be professors, students and possibly more improved holographic projectors within the classrooms.

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Linney Sars