Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Me, Myself, and I

Hello all!!! Well I was having technical difficulties for a while, they are resolved now, hopefully. Anyways, I arrived to class a little late, and everyone had already paired up  for a classmate conversation. Professor Z ( GLENN ZUCMAN) , I’m not sure why I just use  the first letter of his last name…. anyways I digress. I have decided that I will do 20 fun quick facts about myself. So here we go!!!!

  1. I am the eldest child.
  2. I do not have a scheduled sleeping schedule, (although I really should), I simply sleep when i can no longer be awake.
  3. I can not choose a favorite anything at all. AT ALL
  4. Math is my enemy, any kind of math…I’m serious and slightly ashamed of this.
  5. I have been actively involved with the student-run radio station at CSULB for about a year going on two now.
  6. I did not begin to speak on air until this semester.
  7. I enjoy running, however lately I cannot seem to motivate myself like before.
  8. I love snakes and spiders. I once took care of a rose-haired tarantula for my 7th grade science teacher. Her name was Harriet, the Rose-Haired Tarantula.
  9. I would like to have a snake and a tarantula as a pet, as well as three dogs, two cats and a fox.
  10. I am absolutely obsessed with Star Wars and Disney/Pixar.
  11. This isn’t exactly a fact, but I would like to actually maintain this blog.
  12. I do not like photos or videos or recordings of me.
  13. I love the number 13, I am not superstitious, but yes there are a few I follow due to my mother and grandmother.
  14. I am crazy about bears, foxes, wolves and any big cat predators.
  15.  I would kill for the opportunity to live or raise a bear/fox/wolf.
  16. I did not have a sixteen, but rather a 15.
  17. Speaking of birthdays, I never get the chance to celebrate mine with friends at school, because it is at the end of the year. Literally it is two days before the new year.
  18. That being said, I do not get double presents for my birthday.
  19. Extremely clumsy, odd, weird, loud yet reserved. All words you can use to describe me.
  20. Feels cold, Sam always does.


As this is being posted, I am most likely half asleep.