Week 3- Classmate Conversation- Justin Pena

For week three of my art class, I  interviewed Justin Pena! Justin is an Electrical Engineering major, he is in his sophomore year here at CSULB. He volunteers/ works at a bakery. His favorite thing to bake is mocha cake and rocky  road cake. When asked what his favorite class is so far is Art 110. “It is one of my more entertaining classes, I hope to learn more about Modern art. To appreciate it and understand it as well.” Aside from baking, Justin enjoys working on cars as a hobby. Displaying received_1586093871605907.jpeg.jpg

When asked the question of the week, “What is one type of art that has influenced you in your life?” Justin says the type of art that has influenced him the most in his life is the art of origami. He goes on to say that as an engineer he feels connected to it (origami). To create something out of paper just as engineer  creates something out of scraps and whatnot. He practices the art of origami to distract himself, to ease his mind. As well as to make others happy, just as engineers make people happy with their contributions. This is what I learned from Justin this week ;  Art is all around us, even the buildings, homes and parks we occupy are a form of art.

Be sure to check out Mr. Justin Pena’s website too: