Week 1- Classmate Conversation-Gabriel Gonzalez


The first Artist I have met in class this week is Gabriel Gonzalez . He is studying to become a mechanical engineer. He played soccer and tennis in high school and is the youngest of three children in his family. He discussed with me that currently his favorite movie is “Shutter Island”. His favorite musical artist is Jesus Ojeda is a mexican artist. He is known for being in the band Jesus Ojeda y Sus Parientes, they sing norteno, bandas, corridos; specifically they are known for singing narcocorridos. What Gabriel is looking forward to the most this semester is passing his classes. In his spare time he likes going for walks. His favorite food is enchiladas, which personally I do not like due to a bad  experience as a child. I also asked him what I think are generic questions such as “What is your favorite colour?” and “What is your favorite animal?”. We share a commonality being that our favorite colour is Burgandy. His favorite animal is a Rooster, he thinks they are cool. When I think of Roosters, three images come to mind, Foghorn Leghorn, a crowing rooter and Sriracha (one of my favorite condiments).