Week 2- Classmate Conversation-Nathan Davalos

This week I had the chance to interview Nathan Davalos. He is studying to receive a bachelors in Business. When I asked him for the reasoning behind his decision he told me, “I feel as if I will have many opportunities after I get my bachelors. There are many industries I can go into with this degree”.  When asked the question of the week, he answered with, “I believe art is important, because without it (art) life would be boring, there wouldn’t be many things to admire.” After our  “professional conversation”, I asked a few personal questions. Below are the questions and answers.



“Let’s use a snapchat filter!! Wait can I make a funny face or do I have to be serious?”- Nathan Davalos

What is your favorite type of food?

Nathan: I enjoy eating Italian food, however If I wanted to be more specific, I enjoy eating authentic Italian food, such as that of a restaurant or when my girlfriends’ sister makes Italian food. She learned from her boyfriend who in turn learned to cook in Italy.

What is your favorite activity to do during your downtime?

Nathan:  My favorite activity would have to be going on day long adventures with my friends. As well as playing video games when I have enough time.  I also spend time with my puppy, he’s a bit annoying as he constantly wants attention on him at all times.

What does you puppy look like?

Nathan: Oh, here are some photos of him.

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