Week 9- Art Activity- Art Care Package

Week 9’s activity is creating an art package!!!!

What is an art package you say?? It is exactly what the name says, a package in which there is either;

A) Art that you have created or found

B) A bunch of art supplies

C) All of the above!!!!

Anyways, I found this activity to be quite exciting and decided to send an art package to my dear friend  M.G. ( yes these are his initials) who is stationed over seas in South Korea….. unfortunately I have to wait because is currently being transferred to Italy and have to await his new address. In the mean time let me tell you a little bit about him. M.G. Is in the Airforce, he is currently in stationed in South Korea for just about to weeks and is being transferred to Italy. If I recall correctly he has been in South Korea for about a year. He is excited about his new post. M.G. and I met my junior, his senior year in high school at a track meet. We really didn’t keep that much in contact until about a year ago, we connected or is it re-connected over our equal adoration over anime and the Disney film Aladdin.  Within this art package I have decided to send him art that I will be making for him out of the supplies below. I have yet to take a picture of the final products as I am posting this before I send him the items. I would like it to be a surprise, and don’t want him to see it. Btw…. HI M.G.!!! I hope your move is going by nicely and can’t wait for you to see what is in store for you!!


I will be creating something out these items to send to M.G.