Week 4- Art activity-Automatic Drawing



A blank Canvas, Look it’s you Professor Z!!!!

For week four of my amazing Art 110 class, the activity was Automatic  Drawing. To be quite frank, it did not feel automatic at first, but once I got accustomed to not being in complete control and letting my mind wander in a relaxed tranquil state things really started to get going. My partner in crime for this activity was my mother. I invited her to this activity with me, and at first she was reluctant. She also didn’t want to stop watch one of our favorite crime shows, (which mind you she was watching WITHOUT ME), Major Crimes . I also incorporated the use of colored pencils in this project. The pastels were nice, but Messy!! I also thought a few other colors would be nicer than just three. Once my mother and I finished our automatic drawing, we decided to see if there was any hidden picture in our masterpiece.  Lo and behold!!! We found a Toucan!!! So I got to work with my trusty colored pencils and began to color him in.


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The final product with artist signatures of course!!! His name is Toucan Sam??