Week 2-Activity; Landscapes with a corpse

This weeks project was based on the work done by Japanese fashion photographer Izima Kaoro. He has been working on this project for over two decades. It incorporates designer brands and the concept of death. He asks his models to describe how they imagine they would die and what their outfits would be. From there he takes over and out come these beautiful, serene yet haunting images. I would have to say this has been my favorite project so far. For my “death” I had originally thought of dying in a rosebush, however there are not many rose bushes and around, and I doubt that a garden would ever let me lay on their beautiful flowers. This thought came from a book I read in high school called Rosebush by Michele Jaffe. It’s an interesting novel and I would have loved to re-create the “death” in it. However instead I decided to die aboard several different vessels during Fleet week (of course with the permission of various military members). As I explained however, many were creeped out by the project, however they allowed me to continue on out of curiosity.  One of the above photos was taken on deck ( I’m a bit blurred out as the camera wanted to focus on the anchor’s chains instead.) The other two were taken in medical, I layed down on a cot and had my friend Jordan ( from high school)  help me photograph up close photos of me. I have more photos, however I have yet to edit the so that they have the same apearence as the ones above.