Week 15- Art Activity- FINGER PAINTING

giphyWhelp, I guess we have all reverted back to kindergarten for this week. As you may have read in the title of this post, the activity for almost the last week of class is FINGER PAINTING!!!! Besides this activity mostly being used and popular with young children, there are artist out there who use this form of painting as their medium. (Did I say that whole sentence correctly? Any ways, lets get on with the program. In my art supply bucket I received three colors: Red, Blue and Green. I had also received two big pieces of paper, one for pastel and one for this assignment. However, sadly to my dismay, I found out too late that my sister had taken it upon herself and used the second piece of paper for her own school project. Nevertheless, I improvised and  decided to use a canvas that I had laying around. Now it wasn’t the size of the paper, but at least it was something right? This project was messy, the paint was contained in small plastic jars and it was difficult for me to keep reminding myself that I had paint on my hands. I didn’t know what I was doing a few times, I wanted to “cheat” and grab a brush but I didn’t allow myself to. I decided to put one color paint on each of my fingers. I then proceeded to just apply the paint onto the canvas in no particular order. The end result as you might imagine is the red being completely over run by the blue and green.


I actually decided to go back and use my “finished finger painting” as a back drop, I drew on top of it a scene from the 2016 Disney movie,  Moana. I drew the character of HeiHei, an unintelligent rooster who winds up on a journey of a lifetime with Moana, the movies’ heroine. HeiHei was sketched out with pencil and then he was filled in with Sharpie. (IDK if pre-released GIFs are considered spoilers sooooo if they are then SPOILER ALERT)