Week 14- Art activity- Instagram

This weeeeeeek in Art110 we had to post four pictures on our Instagram. I somewhat liked this activity, however it wasn’t as successful as our professor had thought it was going to be. Most of the accounts the students used were private. Therefore when a student uploaded a picture with the tag, it would not show. From what I could see the class “Giant Group Selfie” included many nature shots, or shots of animal, work and very little of my classmates. The photos I posted were certainly not of me. I do not like to be photographed, so I took photos of my surroundings.Below are the photos I took and posted on Instagram day:


This mug I found a while back became relevant recently.


I found a golden lamp!!!


A student I came across who was trying to feed one of the campuses many squirrels.


The first date I went on with my boyfriend. The Nightmare before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl


A violinist preforming a solo from the movie’s soundtrack.


My uncles birthday cake. I absolutely loved the sugar skull.

My overall experience with this assignment was odd. I personally have a private Instagram. I limit my audience by allowing those who request to follow me acceptance. I mostly do this because I do not wish to have a grand audience. I think most people use social media to connect with the world, but at the same time they limit/cut themselves off from the rest of the world as well.