Week 1- Activity; Plaster Mold

My first week back at CSULB, I met my art teacher and was assigned my first art project PLASTER CASTING.

tumblr_n78fctomas1r7pxxqo2_500 This assignment had me extremely worried, and I was terribly afraid of messing up. Which sadly I did, but my good classmate Erika Perez saved me. This project was completed at Seal Beach. I arrived around 10:30 am and was desperately searching for other classmates carrying art buckets. I eventually found them near the water around life guard tower #2. I met a few new classmates and asked one of them to review with me how to do the assignment. I began by digging a hole deep and wide enough to fit my hand in. I made two new friends in the process of this assignment ( one of which was Raul), he was kind enough to lend me his bucket, to mix my plaster in. I didn’t want to dirty mine. As I mentioned earlier, I sort of made a messed up my plaster. I mixed the solution for too long and it hardened. Erika, however rescued me, as she had enough plaster after making her own two molds. While we were waiting for the molds to set, Erika, Raul and I began discussing many things. Raul also decided to become an acrobat for a short while and commenced to do a series of flips.  When my plaster finished setting, the final product came out better than I expected.

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