Now let me tell you something, I’m not one to wake up early. (Lies, I do but not often, Mostly stay up late though… anyways I digress.) I decided to ask my boyfriend Heber, (he’s such a trooper braving 405 traffic so that I can get extra credit for Art 110). He was “excited”, he had been there once in the fifth grade and couldn’t recall which Getty it was. (MIXING UP THE GETTY’S NOW EY HEBER?????).  On the way there we hit traffic and decided to read license plates. There are two versions to this game. One, you try and find as many out of state license plates as possible, attempting to out number the other. Two you find customized license plates read them out loud and have the other person try to find the car. I found this license plate and it just made me laugh to the point where I couldn’t speak.

Here it is:


I guess this Student Driver is quite a savage.

When we finally passed traffic and got off the freeway, I accidentally mis-lead my boyfriend in a wrong turn. It was right not left!!  We took the tram up and were talking about the exhibits that were most likely being showcased at the museum currently. Walking through the main entrance of the museum he sought out a map to find the painting, but quickly figured out they wouldn’t have one. Instead, I came up with the idea of asking one of the (curators?) individuals at the information desk. they searched it up in a catalog and found it in no time. Instead of going straight to the painting, we decided to make our way there by looking at all the different exhibits. We passed manuscripts, various stain glass windows depicting Christian Biblical figures. As well and small statues, Christian, Greek, & Roman.


We also passed through an area that was talking about Rococo style and Baroque. There was also a lovely blue canopy bed I had wished to lay on. The bed I can not recall what the style was. Forgive me.

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Above are photos of other pieces in the museum as well as photos I took of the gift, shop, and the view.

After looking at all the art, we finally arrived and met Telemachus and Eucahris. One didn’t seem to care if it took us a while to get there, while the other gave us a weird look. Overall I really enjoyed the trip to the museum, it was quiet and relaxing. No one was hurrying me and I learned many interesting new things. Below is my selfie, as well as the description of the painting and a close up of one of the subjects of the painting.