Week 5- Artist Conversation- Blaine Prow

Artist: Baline  Prow

Exhibition: EXSTRUSION

Media: Paper, Bristol Board, Mixed Media



Instagram: Blaine Prow

About the Artist

Blaine Prow is an undergraduate at CSULB, he is in his 10th year (or did he say semester? hmm sorry I cannot recall correctly). He stated that he has been at CSULB this long, because he remained undecided as to what major he wanted to pursue. Upon arriving at CSULB his original major was to be a mechanical engineering. Before coming to CSULB he moved around quite a bit. At one point he left school to join a band, but came to the conclusion that the lifestyle did not suit him.

Formal Analysis

The exhibit itself was very nice and simple. It consisted of the artists work, hanging on the walls. Only two colors were present in the exhibit, Black and White. The art within the exhibit was three dimensional shapes extruding off a Bristol Board and their outlines formed two dimensional “hollow” shapes. The names of the pieces are as follows:

  1. “This That”
  2. “Up Down”
  3. “C.O.
  4. “Triangle Square”
  5. “Square Pentagon”
  6. “Factory”

Content Analysis

Blaine told his student interviewers that his work was actually just trial and error. He would get ideas for these extruding shapes and use “Basic Geometry” to calculate the measurements. He decide on shapes, because he loves their simplicity and yet somehow they are interesting pieces that have endless possibilities.


Upon arriving to class, I walked into the other exhibits and they captured my attention for a short while. However as soon as spotted the Extrusion exhibit, I skipped my way over there. When I walked into the exhibit, I saw these amazing 3-D shapes hanging off the walls. As I passed each piece, I could have sworn that they seemed as if everything was moving. I absolutely loved the exhibit, however I do wish they were a bit bigger.