Week 4- Artist Converstion- May Ta


Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Mixed- Media, Graphic Design, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Ink, Gouache & Ink-jet Printer

Gallery: CSULB Student Gallery at SOA

E-mail: maypta18@gmail.com

Social media: maypta

Website: N/A …..yet

This weeks artist is May Ta, she is attending CSULB and is currently a senior who will be receiving her Bachelors from the School of Arts Illustration program. She is an international student that hails from Vietanam. Originally her Major was Engineering, but she switched to Art as she did not enjoy what she was doing.

Formal Analysis

In the exhibition Closer, May Ta had seven pieces that belonged to her and one in which she colaborated with Carly Lake. All the pieces of this exhibition had a similar feeling as you gazed at them (or at least to me they did). A feeling or sense of wanting to be nearer to what you saw. The piece that show cased this feeling the most to me was The Windows.  This piece consisted of six small mixed-media paintings behind a wooden frame resembling a window pane. It reminded me of a quote-

Yet high over the city our line of yellow windows must have contributed their share of human secrecy to the casual watcher in the darkening streets, and I was him too, looking up and wondering. I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.

– Nick Carraway from F. Scott Fitzgerlad’s The Great Gatsby

The quote and the window pane piece are tied in the sense  that at the character Nick in the novel is a participating character and an observing one. The piece is the same, we are looking within at a moment that is private and public.

Content Analysis

The artist and her collaborator are conveying a sense of loneliness and belonging. It is evident with the colors that they use. It is also evident in how the room was arranged. The pieces within the room that conveyed the feeling of loneliness, were the matress on the floor with a quilt made of letters and the big chair with table and easel next to it.

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