Week 3-Artist Conversation- Ellin Fan


Artist: Ellin Fan

Exhibition: Interactive Art Gallery (Maker’s gallery)

Media: Paper, Wooden blocks, Pencils, Sticker machine

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A ( forgot to ask 😦 )

Email: N/A

Below are different forms of art that were showcased in the “Interactive Gallery”

About the Artist:

In week three of our class, we met for the first time at the galleries, we were allowed to wander and explore five galleries. Each one showcased a different artist and their works.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the Miss Ellin Fan. What first attracted me to Miss fan was her bright blue hair. Aside from her physical appearance, Miss Fan was very courteous and kind.Miss Fan is a sophomore who is planning to go attend the school of art at CSUlB, under I believe Film Animation. I began a discussion with her about why it is exactly that she is so attracted to animation. She stated that from a young age she knew that she wanted to create stories that people could enjoy. Originally she wanted to be a comic book writer and artist, but thought that a career as an animator would be a wiser choice. When I asked her what company she would rather work for (as an animator, Pixar/Disney, Dreamworks, … ) she responded with, ” I would like to work with Cartoon Network actually, for various reasons. One being that they are a company that is solely and mainly invested in creating animated content. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Pixar/ Disney, but I don’t think I would work there for many reasons.” I then asked her if there was a specific cartoon she enjoyed from Cartoon Network she smiled and said, “Steven Universe”. When asked if she had already created her own animated film she replied with a no, but did say that there is one in the works. Aside from her animation, Miss Fan is a part of the Makers Society Club on campus. It is a club that encourages students to learn how to create their own works of art without having to attend a semester long class. Miss Fan is the treasurer of this amazing club, she is in charge of keeping the accounts and keeping the key for the club’s locker which stores all their equipment. Miss Fan is very active in her club and also by filling in when others have prior commitments or to teach a class. Outside of the club and academic studies, Miss Fan is an admirer of anime, cosplaying, gifs, drawing and re-animating scenes from her favorite animated works.



I highly recommend watching at least one episode of this show. I really do enjoy it.

Formal Analysis:

Upon walking into the gallery, I noticed that the atmosphere was warm and inviting. There were materials laid out, so that the visitors could interact with the gallery. The materials included, pencils set next to paper that lined the walls. Origami paper below different sets of instructions, and wooden blocks on the floor so a guest could build their own building.  On the table in front of Miss Fan, there was a small machine that could turn paper items into stickers. Behind her there were photos hung behind her showcasing the events her club has put on.

Content Analysis:

As the gallery wasn’t exactly the work of Miss Fan entirely alone, it was the combined efforts of the gallery guests, the maker’s club and anyone else whom i have not named that created this gallery.