Week 15 – Artist Conversation- Winter art work sale

Exhibition: Winter Art Work Sale

Exhibition: Art Sale

Media: Fiber, Paper, Metal, Pottery, Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About the Artist(s)

The artist are all of the students from the art department and as well as staff. Their works are displayed for sale.At the end of the year (or maybe its the end of each semester?),the school of art has an art sale. It is an event that allows art students to showcase the work they had done throughout the semester and sell it to other students.

Formal Analysis:

As I walked up to the  galleries, I was amazed at the amount of pottery and jewelry. Unfortunately my phone was dying, so I wasn’t able to take many photos. I didn’t recognize many of the names at the sale. The various galleries each displayed a specified category of art. The biggest gallery was filled with pottery.


I did however find one piece of art that I truly adored. It is a metal choker with a small metal heart locket. I know this blog isn’t following the formatting for an artist conversation. It is more of a reaction to an experience. It is similar to reviewing an exhibit at a museum. The piece I bought, was made by Lila and it was marked #36. Here is a photo of it.